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Track availability may vary when events are taking place. Please contact the stadium for clarification


Calendar of Events 2018

The calendar will be updated subject to event dates being confirmed.

(pictured above) Morton Stadium

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Morton Stadium,

Santry, Dublin 9

Booking Tel: +353 1 6464320

Stadium Tel: +353 1 8620635

Stadium Fax: +353 1 8161515


•21 February leinster schools cross country 9.00-15.00

•11th March Special Olympics Ireland.12.30-15.30

•21st March West Leinsters Relay. 13.00-15.00

•7th April. AAI Squad training.2.00-4.00pm

•10th April Fingal Athletics League.8.00- 14.00

•13th April IBEC Wellbeing day. 9.00-17.00

•17th+19th   April West Leinsters Day 1 and day 2.  9.00-15.30.

•22nd April Special Olympics 12.30-15.30

•25th April Dublin Graded. 6pm- 10pm

•26th April Loreto Schools. 9.30-15.30

•28th April. Dublin County Board. 10.00-16.00

•Kerela House 29th April. 12.00-18.00

•30th + 3rd April/May East Leinster Schools. 9.30-16.00

•1st  May Colaiste Eoin (Bridget) 8341426

•2nd + 4th May North Leinsters School 9.30-16.00

•9th May West Leinsters B Championships 13.00-16.00.

•10th May Community and Comprehensive TF.9-30 17.00

•11th May SCC City of Dublin ETB Athletics.(schools sport day)9.00-15.00

•13 May Special Olympics. 13.00-16.00

•16th May Leinster Schools Day 1 9.00-16.00

•17th May St Laurence O Tooles 10.00-13.30. Schools sports day

•18th May St Aidan cbs 9.00-13.00

•19th May Leinster Schools Day 2 9.00-16.00

•20th May special Olympics 13.00-16.00

•21st-24th May Cumann NA mBunscol 9.30-14.30

•26th+27th May AAI Round 2 9.00-18.00

•28th-31st May Cumann NA mBunscol 9.30-14.30

•6th June Dublin Graded. 18.00-22.00

•8th June Dublin County Board 18.00-22.00

•9th June Dublin Community Games 10.00-18.00

•10th June Dublin Community Games. 12.00-18.00

•13th June  DCC inter school sports (Provisional)

•14th, 15th ,16th ,17th June Ireland Special Olympic Games. 9.00-18.00.

•19th June Leinster Training day. 13.00-16.00

•20th june Educate together school sports 9.00-15.00 sports day

•20th June Dublin County Board 18.30-22.00

•23rd June Tailteann Games track and Field. 10.00-16.3

•4th July Dublin Graded 18.00-21.30

•14th July Irish Wheelchair Association. 9.00-17.00

•18th July Dublin Graded. 18.00-22.00

•19th July Morton Games 9.00-22.30

•1ST August Dublin graded 18.00-22.00

•28th+29th July AAI Track and Field Nationals.11.00-22.00

•21ST September Mount Carmel School sports day 9.30-14.30

•22nd September Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland.9.00-17.30

•24th December GOAL MILE 10-00-12.00pm.